Not a whole lot of feedback for this one, so if you're reading this and have something to add, add away.

One married friend of mine wrote a mere two words: "Better linens." Another said she'd liked the idea of having her bridesmaids hold clutches with decorative flowers instead of bouquets, only to nix the thought as too bold. She later saw the idea done on a television show.

I just researched nontraditional bouquets. Did you know there are button bouquets, doorknob bouquets and blackberry bouquets? Me neither. 

Kim, a wedding planner I know, mentioned she would have had more flowers. What was delivered was not what she expected when she placed her order -- a warning, probably, to all of us to be clear with any vendor about what we're to receive for what price.

Finally, two women mentioned candy buffets -- one who wished she'd done one, and one who said she is having one. 

I find it strange that this question didn't drum up more of a response because I ask this question of the handful of people I meet each week for my full-time job (even those who've been married for a decade or more), and they always seem to have an answer.

The question I ask them: If you had your wedding to plan all over again, what would you most certainly do again, and what would you do differently? One man replied that he would have hired a limo or other group transportation because not having it resulted in some delays in groomsmen and bridesmaids getting to various locations for photography.

Other people have told me that they regretted not having the time, or making enough of an effort, to greet each and every guest.

So, what about you? What do you still smile about doing on your big day, and what would you do differently in hindsight?

Kathy Babic
03/24/2013 4:29pm

One thing I would of done differently would of been hire or have someone video tape the reception. We only had a friend tape our ceremony. Its so overwhelming sitting up there at the table and hearing the people you love give these wonderful speeches and now I completely forgot everything they said in them. If we had video we could go back at watch. Also I would of had two bartenders instead of one. The caterer said I would be fine with one and the line was long most of the night . The one thing I would do again is we had a popcorn bar with all different flavored after dessert. People loved the late night snack and that they could take it home with them too.

The Bartering Bride
03/24/2013 5:03pm

Really great advice! All this time, I've been wondering why we'd need reception coverage by a videographer. Thank you, Kathy, for reminding us why. :)


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