This post didn't drum up a whole lot of advice (maybe because those who get married in a church have less choice in the matter and subsequently less advice overall). Interestingly, a number of people mentioned they wished they would have had one of their friends be registered (if that's the right term) to marry them.

Others loved their priest/pastor/officiant because they led them through the planning process, from who would give the bride away to how s/he would pronounce the couple man and wife.

I feel adamantly that an officiant should pronounce names correctly. I was at a wedding once where the officiant said the names absolutely incorrectly, and I was disturbed. Of all things to get right, aren't the names most important?

Finally, another of my friends noted: "Finding that trust is very important -- I’ve seen priests go a little rogue and end up talking about bizarre things (like camping ... at a wedding)."

Lucky for us, we've found someone we DO trust. Watch the blog this week for more about her!

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