We're going to be grocery shopping a bit differently from now on.

A former reporter colleague of mine recently wrote me and suggested something  over which my frugal husband-to-be squealed with delight. (OK, that may be an embellishment.)

"This might be weird info to share," she began, "but I keep our spaghetti sauce jars for vases and such... some of them are kinda 'decor-y' under the label."

And with that, plans to buy Mason jars flew out the proverbial window and plans to buy lots of jarred groceries flew in. In fact, I'm regretting throwing out that expired jar of uneaten grapefruit, especially since the HTB says I'm never allowed to buy $5 jars of grapefruit again since I forgot that one existed and let $5 go to waste. (I told you he is frugal.)

Naturally, all of the jar talk has me obsessing over what we will do with the jars we collect. So, I turned to the one place a bride can't live with and can't live without: Pinterest.

We could fill some jars with water, wrap them with lace or twine and float candles in them like this:
What I like about the candle concept is in our dark log cabin venue, I think candles would lend a supremely romantic ambiance as dusk falls.

Of course, we could place flowers in some:
And I literally gasped when I saw this:
All images, Pinterest

I love, love, love the lace, and without giving too much away (because the aforementioned frugal one may read this blog entry, too), lace anything would complement the dress waiting for me at David's Bridal. (Yes, it's in!)

In other wedding planning progress, today I mailed our deposit and contract for another vendor, with whom I won't be bartering but did strike a bargain. More on him later. And, I've agreed (though contracts still need written and signed) to barter my services, specifically a Story of Your Life, with two wedding planners so I can have both a day-of wedding coordinator (who will handle the vendors and details on the Big Day) and a planner to help conceive and execute the centerpieces and general decorating. More on both of them later, too!

The HTB and I likely still will look at thrift stores for jars (since they are super cheap), but we'll keep our eyes peeled for the most attractive spaghetti sauce and pickle jars the grocery aisle has to offer. For one, it means free. For two, as my glass jar informant noted, it's better for the environment than recycling or tossing jars to the landfills.

"If you tell people what you're looking for, they'd probably help out, too," she suggested. "I have some friends that pass along brown glass to me."

Looking to pass along glass jars yourself, or willing to now that you know a certain bartering bride you know wants them? Write me!
9/6/2012 11:30:21 am

Ha. Finally one area I'm "ahead" of you on. ;) I've been saving glass jars and wine bottles for this for at least six months. Between jam, pasta sauce & pickles I actually have a bunch. However, I also bought some real mason jars a few weeks ago. They were on sale at Meijer, buy two get one free (packs of 12). So I have 3 dozen mason jars for my centerpieces, which will sit on books (no need to purchase we have thousands). Our whole theme, from save the date to handmade book flowers for bouquets and centerpieces is related to our love of good writing, books and literature, not because it's trendy but because it's very us.

Good luck collecting the glass. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how ours will be displayed but Pinterest has been great for that. :)

9/6/2012 10:39:17 pm

Feel free to ship some of those puppies my way! ;) That's great, Meranda! Have you found any one food type or brand to have nicer jars than others?

Our rustic theme is rooted in our love of everything fall: fiery-colored leaves, the crunch under your feet as they fall and collect on the sidewalks, Halloween, football, the nostalgia the season brings.


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