I love it when a plan comes together.

As I browsed the pictures I took during a recent visit to the venue with the Husband-To-Be, my little sister and designer extraordinaire, Stephanie, and my event-planning friend, Katie, I realized: We have chosen most of the vendors  who will transform this wonderful place into our wedding. So, so happy to have such an incredible *cast*!

Capturing it all will be Cavanaugh Photography, which recently gave us access to all of our engagement proofs. We are thisclose to selecting which will be the image for our save-the-dates.

Doesn't this stage seem built for the karaoke and DJing Something New Entertainment will deliver?
And we're excited to have Bill the Bartender behind this rustic bar, too. Nice and spacious:
Here's where our officiant (whom I will introduce in my next blog entry) will marry us. Interestingly, those who get married here have to pay a fairly nominal fee for security because otherwise, there's really nothing separating guests from the cliff into the lake (except common sense, lol):
We still are looking for ideas as to how we can transform this simple gazebo into something rustic and whimsical, perhaps using fabric of some sort. Have some thoughts? I await your email: mrandmrslazette@yahoo.com.

There's another vendor I have yet to introduce: OUR CATERER!! But I'm waiting until our taste tests, which are scheduled for January, so I can show off their food. Our wedding meal will be served up for our guests in this enclosed patio overlooking Lake Erie. We figured it'd be a nice view for people to take in while they wait. I'm not revealing our menu yet, but here's a clue: Every plate will be completely customized to each person's tastes.
What remains to be determined is what style and color flowers we'll use. My mom is somewhat allergic to flowers that possess strong scents, so I'll need a florist's opinion on which would least harass her. (Hint, hint: If you're a florist with ideas, I'd love to hear from you!)

I also am contemplating crafting one or more of the 40 DIY projects presented here. Namely some variation of numbers 3, 13, 20 and 21. Maybe you'll see some ideas you like?

In the meantime, I am quite pleased with the collection of pickle, spaghetti and Mason jars we've amassed, as well as the 20+ tree slabs. We're planning to outfit each table with an ivory linen and a contrasting lace overlay, topped with three tree slabs and an assortment of twine- and lace-wrapped jars, a la this (though we only had two slabs during this particular visit):
A word to the wise: Always take a second (or third) walk through your venue, especially if you're responsible for the decorative vision. Top reason I'm glad we did? It solidified for us that chair covers are a MUST:
Waiting to hear why this blog's title references a bear? Behold, our furry friend. My handsome HTB joked that we should dress him up. There will be no toying with the big, dead bear, I retorted.
I guess, when you ask for rustic, a taxidermic animal isn't such a stretch.
11/14/2012 10:12:27 pm

I love the rustic theme! Table centers made out of tree slices, vases made from hollowed-out limbs, and lots of natural details. Burlap can be utilized in many ways to accent this theme, and it's a relatively inexpensive material to find. You can make table runners and napkin rings, wrap it around just about anything like jars and vases, even cakes! Wildflowers are a lovely accent to a rustic setting in the spring and summer, but with an autumn wedding, fall colors prevail. Mums, asters, carnations, roses, gerbera daisies are all good choices to use, either in silks or fresh. Garlands of leaves, pinecones, and acorns are all beautiful accents, and can be found in your own backyard to use. That can be a great cost saver! If you like pumpkins and apples, those can be found locally and inexpensively as well, as can hay bales, and make for great decor.

For an outdoor gazebo, again, if you would like a very rustic look, a lightweight burlap can be swagged and draped quite nicely. Again, hay bales and hearty fall flowers compliment this look very well. If you like a lighter fabric, you can use an unbleached cotton muslin, or more traditional tulle or chiffon material.

For some cute accents, if you like cowboy boots and horseshoes, be sure to add a few, For favors, you could give your guests customized packets of trail mix, or mini jugs of apple cider. Outdoors, if your venue allows a campfire, why not have a marshmallow roast, and make s'mores to end the evening?

These are just a few ideas. Hope that inspires you! Enjoy!

Elise V
12/1/2012 08:53:11 am

The hay bales and burlap are a great idea for that space! Something else to consider are grapevine balls, maybe filled or wrapped with brown-wired tiny-white lights and hung by thick white ribbon. I could also see you using old rustic-mirrors or grapevine trees also covered in white lights and maybe some moss.

1/24/2013 04:30:49 am

We met at the Bridal Bazaar...I'm using this venue too! I actually called the venue today because your post about that chairs had me worried! When I Booked they had nice rustic looking wood folding chairs. He assured me today they would be the wood ones I originally saw, so you may want to double check with them too!


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