One wedding planner friend of mine over at Love, Laughter & Elegance: Wedding & Event Planning advised me to consider whether people in walkers, using canes and pushing strollers could fit down the aisle. Another planner (from A Wedding Wish) suggested making sure it's three-people wide, just in case.

Other suggestions and insights: 
Decorations are as natural as they get at a park pavilion.
Walk the aisle in the shoes you plan to wear. If it's grass or dirt, you may find out during your walk down the aisle that your heels sink in. If it's a smooth surface, you might find out that it's too slippery for the shoes you've chosen.
Cathedral veils can be a nightmare during outside ceremonies.

One karaoke DJ friend of ours stressed, "Guests remember whatever you focus on. We spent extra on our food, which is something Ken is known for so we wanted to have awesome food to make it memorable. I have other weddings where the bridal party walked in dressed up or dancing, which is a memory. Last wedding, I had the groom change a couple songs, which the bride remembers. I had another where the groom's pants split; that is a memory. You have to decide what is important to you and focus on that to make a memory."


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