Unfortunately, unless I manage to barter way more than I anticipate, Steven and I likely won't go anywhere but around Northeast Ohio (if we do that) for a honeymoon. We're considering a honeymoon registry, though.

But for those of you who will be escaping together after The Big Day, here are the suggestions my Facebook friends floated:

Take a lot of pictures.
Take as much time as you can. Life makes it hard to go on big trips together all the time.
Consider a cruise (
http://www.vacationstogo.com/) or a stay in a bed-and-breakfast, even if it's local. Here's an inn recommended to me: Hideaway Inn. And J. Palen House, too.
Book all-inclusive.
Travel and deal sites: Jetsetter, GrouponLivingSocial and Amazon (I am signed up for Groupon and have seen a number of eyebrow-raising offers, for what it's worth.)

I found this advice intriguing, too: "Find the destination's Facebook page and see if anyone has a timeshare. Send them a message and see if they can offer a referral. Then you get to stay at the place with a discounted rate, and they are rewarded through the timeshare place. A lot of places out of the U.S. do this. Also, check out TripAdvisor for any possible activities in the area if you want to see the area you're honeymooning."